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title: how the future’s done, nc-17

Title: How the Future’s Done
Author: five_ht on LJ
: NC-17
Word Count: ~
: Kidfic. Bedtime rituals, domestic fluff, sappy porn (with a few props).
Warnings (if applicable): mildly kink-ish, sex with a gag and blindfold.
LINK: here

reasons to rec: Absolute adorableness and sweetness combined with ridiculous hotness. It pretty much hits on every single thing that I love in fics - kids and fluff and established relationship stuff, combined with absolutely beautiful artwork. I have a special place in my heart for kid-fic, and it’s just done so deftly in this fic - my insides melted. And of course, the sex is gorgeous and hot as hell, the care and the humor and the relationship between Arthur and Eames is done extremely well.

bonus: This fic is from the ae_match community on LJ, so it’s a fic/art collaboration, so it features two incredible pieces of art from platina - one sweet and one sexy, though the shoulders on Eames in that first one is just unf.

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