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a blog dedicated to recommending beautiful, hot, gorgeous, angsty, amazing arthur/eames fic from the fandom inception. submissions and suggestions encouraged!

hi, i'm becca and i run this blog. :D

indefinite hiatus

sharkvajay: bro u are so cool but your color scheme is like literally THE WORST for reading like I feel as if the sun has gone under a cloud forever when I look at it and since everything else about you is so brilliant I thought I'd just offer that critique in case you ever wanted to become totally, flawlessly perfect in every way possible

laffin at this cute ass message

even tho i haven’t touched this blog in a year I STILL AIM TO PLEASE so there is now a new theme with new (lighter and less apocalyptic) colors

jesus i wish i still had time to update this, but pls take whatever joy you can out of this blog as it is

Anonymous: hey I was wondering if you could find a fic for me eames and arther are established and eames wondered if arther would like eames to forge someone else for sex who was skinny and stuff and arthur has like a size kink for big and is like no but later he has eames forge himself but bigger and buffer and idk it;s somehow sweet dipite its kinkyness please and thanks

oh man nonnie, I’m jumping the queue for this one, mostly because it is one of my favorite fics (*fans self* oh size kink, I adore thee) and also because I was literally re-reading this one a few days ago. You’re looking for cherryvanilla’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Enjoy!

Anonymous: I just wanted to thank you for being lovely :)

;_____; aw, thank you so much! i know i’m an epic slowpoke on some of these fic-finding missions, but i swear i’m working on them! so this is really so nice to hear. :D

Anonymous: There's this arthur/eames fic I read a while ago that I loved but I can't find it again. It's where they have hooked up with pretty much everyone in the business except each other, and then they do hook up with each other and they become friends with benefits and in the end they fall in love. Do you know it?

I’m not sure from your description whether this is it or not nonnie BUT, I think so!

The Policy of Truth by the ever excellent cherryvanilla on Ao3.
summaryAcquaintances, half-hearted rivals: these words defined Arthur’s relationship with Eames for years, until the Fischer job brings in another part to the equation—friendship. But the rules of engagement change completely during a night of drinks and suggestive conversation. What begins as a one night stand slowly turns into something much more complicated. Can you really be friends with benefits and feelings? Based in part on the short film I Want Your Love. 

Anonymous: So I've seen at least a few really fascinating, great fics where Arthur for whatever reason has multiple personalities in his head and Arthur, as we know him, disappears for some time as the other personalities emerge. Are there any fics where something similar happens to Eames? Where he for example disappears into a forge?

I think I may have something for you nonnie! This one’s called Don’t Stand In My Blind Spot by Croik on Ao3.

SummaryDuring a job, Eames loses himself in his forgery, and when the effects persist Arthur’s there to capitalize.
Warnings for graphic violence and sex.

Let me know if that suits!

Anonymous: I've been looking and can not find it, and I thought that maybe you could? The main part that I remember, is that Eames ends up in Limbo and Arthur goes to look for him. Limbo is a vast desert and in order to get back, Eames has to find the sea.

Yup, gotcha covered babe! You’re looking for Metaphors As Mixed As You Can Make Them by halflinen on LJ. Enjoy darling!

Anonymous: Hello! I'm hunting for a fic I read ages ago and cannot find anywhere. In it, Eames is secretly an artist that Arthur has loved for years. Eventually, Arthur figures it out and confessions of love ensue. I don't think it's AU... I'm hoping you can work your potent magic and help me find it? Thank you!

Sorry this took me nonnie, but I think this is what you’re looking for. It’s called The Works of Henri Marrionneaux né Eames by the wonderful andrealyn. Hope that’s what you needed!

Anonymous: There's this one fic, and I've been trying to find it ever since I got my new computer. It's mpreg, and at the end, they find out they were in limbo and then they were like crying in each others arms because it wasn't real.

Oh man, you almost killed me on this one anon because I KNEW I’d read this one pretty recently and I couldn’t freaking find it - BUT, because I am beautiful and brilliant and yada yada, here it is: Lullaby by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles on ao3. 

Enjoy the angst!

Anonymous: ok this is a weirdly specific question, and i don't know if you do this sort of thing, but i'm looking for this one fic, but i don't know the title/author. its a high school au, where arthur runs track and eames has this passion for drama. they have to have this fake relationship, and after all the angst and tension,they get their shit together. i really liked this fic, so i was wondering if you could help me out?

This is precisely the sort of thing I do nonnie! Fortunately for you, I knew exactly what fic you meant about ten seconds into this description because I am awesome and fabulous, yada yada, and also obsessed with this fic: you’re looking for foxxcub's Simple Math, which can be found here on LJ. You’ll have to flip back because it’s the tag for the separate updates, but it’s all there!


Anonymous: Is there a way to change the color scheme I view? (Like the way LJ has ?style=mine maybe?) I love your recs but I think I'm getting eye strain =/

Unfortunately, I did a little googling and I don’t think that that’s an option on tumblr - if I’m wrong, please correct me followers!

I’m sorry if the coloring’s bothering you - my one suggestion would be to use the rss reader on Google, it’s super easy! If you have a gmail account, all you have to do is go to google.com/reader, add ‘fuckyeaharthureamesrecs’ to your rss feeds and then all of the posts on the blog are loaded for you, on a nice white screen with black writing. (Any free rss reader will do the same, google’s just the easiest one for me!)

Hope this helps!

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